How to Be Cool Step

How to Be Cool Step #1: Self Esteem 
Let’s be honest your either reading this post because you’re trying to upgrade your already cool status or your feeling a little lame right now. There is nothing wrong with that, but this is going to be your first lesson on being cool. You’ve got to feel cool before you can be cool. I don’t care if other people in your life have better clothes, more money, jewelry, or fame. Those things don’t make people seem cool to others. At the end of the day the way you feel on the inside dictates how you act on the outside. So you’ve got to know that you are the most positive, impressive, and interesting person in the room. A good way to get that feeling is for you to wake up in the morning and have a pep talk with yourself. Say “Hey me, I am cool, I am feeling good about myself and today is going to be a good day”. If you don’t want to do that leaving notes for yourself would work just as well. Make them say whatever you want as long as it is something you know will make you feel good. 

How to Be Cool Step #2: Confidence 
It’s one thing to be confident on the inside now you have to show it to others. The first thing to do is control your body language. Body language shows people what your confidence level might be before they even meet you. So keep that head up, chin down slightly, shoulders back, and back straight. One good tip is when someone is talking to you don’t look down. The next step is showing your confidence to people you meet with how you talk to them. Be positive, be considerate, make jokes, but whatever you do don’t be sarcastic when you first meet someone. You have to get to know people before you use sarcasm. Try not to make jokes about the person you’re talking to either. That’s another thing you only do after you get a feel for their personality and sense of humor. 
How to Be Cool Step #3: Make People Feel Good 
Your third lesson on being cool is to make others feel good around you. When trying to make people feel good don’t just give them a lot of compliments that makes people feel like you’re trying to get something from them. Don’t give them a lot of gifts either it has the same effect as too many compliments. The best way to be cool by making people feel good is to let your friends and family know they matter to you. For example if someone asks you to help them with a problem, even if the problem seems a little silly to you, give them your time and opinion on the subject. You can still give gifts and compliments, but only once in a while because that’s what makes it special. If you get something from someone all of the time you get used to it and it means nothing after a while. 

How to Be Cool Step #4: Not Cool 
Here are some things to avoid doing if you want to be cool. First don’t belittle people. If someone does something better than you don’t be jealous and try to make them feel bad for it. Give them praise instead. Second don’t lie to make friends. Everyone has some quirks about them that aren’t attractive to other people. It’s only normal to be a little different so make it known if you’re dealing with some problems in life. Next don’t be a fake. If someone you meet doesn’t share your natural interests, sense of humor, and hobbies then it would be a waste of your time and theirs to act like you’re a clone of them. Sooner or later you will get tired of doing thing you dislike so don’t even go that route. Remember even if you and someone you meet have different ways of life you can still be friendly acquaintances. Don’t try to force your ideals on people. Everyone is raised a little different and grow up in different circumstances. It’s generally disrespectful to make people feel like their point of view is totally wrong. These things are not cool. 

Now Be Cool 
At the end of the day following these steps will not only help you make new friends it will help you create closer relationships with the friends and family you already have. Now get out there and show off your new cool. 

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